Westchester Youth Congress

In June 2019 we launched a campaign initiative which will exist regardless of the outcome of the November 5th election. The Westchester Youth Congress gives high school students a chance to connect across the entire town of Greenburgh. This is part of our goal of building our town's identity, connecting our neighborhoods, and creating opportunities for the public to have a voice on important local issues.

The WYC launched in Greenburgh this summer with its first 21 student representatives. Greenburgh leads the way! Before expanding to all of Westchester, we are expanding to 208 students in Greenburgh (up 4 per grade in each school).

If your high school student (or teacher) is interested, more details and the link to a simple online application form is below. The due date is Nov 10th. This is a student-driven organization, and current student representatives will be the ones to review the applications.

This initiative simply will not work without the insight and experience of forward thinking educators from across our great town. If you are a current or former high school teacher in Greenburgh who would like to build this program with us, please join us using the link below.

Teachers     Students

The Westchester Youth Congress is be a formal, non-partisan campaign initiative, and after the election in November the Westchester County Government will have the opportunity to make this an official county program.

To keep costs low and to fit into students' busy schedules, WYC representatives meet through monthly online meetings. Security and privacy concerns will always stay top-of-mind.

Students use the WYC to identify and explore the changes that they want to see in their communities, discuss them with students of different perspectives, and to advocate for real-world solutions through petitioning and speaking at village/town board meetings.

Participating in this program will give students a remarkable story to tell on their college applications. Please share this opportunity with inspired teachers and innovative students.

Please contact lucas@greenburgh.us with questions or suggestions.