Lucas Cioffi

for Greenburgh Town Supervisor

This election generated new interest in our town and the challenges it is facing (taxes, housing, environment, communication, and accountability).

Let's build on that momentum. Regardless of whom you voted for, if you would like to be part of the the movement to open up our government and to strengthen our civic fabric here in Greenburgh, please add your name here: We will see who is interested, and then we will see what is possible.

I am very thankful that both candidates ran campaigns that were free of personal attacks. This allowed us to focus on problems and solutions for our town.

Our campaign earned 5,190 votes, which is 42% more than the last challenger earned in 2007. We did this with only $9,000 in donations, because we had about 150 people volunteering to get signatures, making phone calls, handing out fliers, and holding signs. It was a team effort - thank you to all the volunteers and supporters!

League of Women Voters Debate, Oct 21

Hartsdale Neighbors Association Debate, Oct 22 (Part 1)

Hartsdale Neighbors Association Debate, Oct 22 (Part 2)

NAACP Debate, Oct 28

People Before Politics

News 12 Interview

Campaign Launch, May 2019

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"Lucas Cioffi cares deeply about people, society, community, and government. As a leader and connector, he is a doer who quietly moves projects forward, always listening for what people are looking for while seeking to improve and excel on what they expect. His spirit of service invites collaboration."
- Suzanne Daigle

About Lucas

Lucas Cioffi is a US Army veteran, open government advocate, husband, and father of two. He was born and raised in Greenburgh and has returned to Greenburgh to raise his family. Lucas graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point, graduated from the US Army Ranger School, earned the rank of captain, and served as an infantry officer in Iraq from 2004-2005.

Through a series of conferences at NASA, the US Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, Treasury, Department of Agriculture, and General Services Administration, Lucas mobilized 1500 non-profit professionals, researchers, and government leaders in support of President Obama's Open Government Initiative.

Lucas served three years on the board of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, collaborating with talented dialogue facilitators working to bridge political and racial divides.

In 2017 Lucas and his family lived on Market Street in Charlottesville when that street erupted in large-scale race-based violence and made national and international headlines. Lucas then served on the Charlottesville Community Leadership Council which worked to build bridges in the community in the wake of that violence.

Lucas is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and business owner. You can read his full resume here. He has served in leadership roles in civic organizations and large technology companies and looks forward to helping Greenburgh catch up and surpass other municipalities in how we listen to our residents, upgrade our technological infrastructure, and deliver exceptional services.

About this Campaign

This campaign will be bold yet respectful, and without personal attacks.

Greenburgh collects over half a billion dollars in tax revenue from its 90,000 residents. Lucas is seeking election to the role of Town Supervisor in Greenburgh, NY in order to significantly increase transparency across the board and to give residents a substantial voice in how their tax dollars are spent.

The first step was to collect 1500 signatures by May 28th in order to run as an independent in the general election on November 5th.

The good news is that we received 2932 signatures by the deadline, gathered by 124 amazing volunteers. You are invited to read and comment on our platform.

The Platform

Lucas met over 2000 residents when gathering the necessary signatures to get on the ballot in May 2019. Over and over again people would describe how their taxes keep going up, but they do not have confidence that the town government is spending their money well.

Lucas committed to significantly increasing transparency and community participation at the town level, especially around the budget. Residents deserve a budget that has significantly more detail than the one that we were given. Without sufficient detail on each line item, we cannot tell if our money is being spent efficiently, and we cannot hold our officials accountable.

Beyond the budget, we will provide more information to voters and make it easier for their voices to be truly heard. Here is the detailed platform, in draft format and open for your comments.
We are launching several initiatives which will demonstrate that we are campaigning the same way we will govern: with respect, with fresh thinking, and by creating more meaningful opportunities for community participation.

During June and July we gathered feedback for what residents want to see changed. We compiled the results into the platform.

The second initiative is the Westchester Youth Congress. Interested teachers and students may apply.

The third initiative is the Greenburgh Civic News Feed. Our town is large but it does not have a news source that covers all of our six villages and our town. We built this news feed to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges that each of our villages is facing. Every hour, we automatically aggregate the news and opinions from as many blogs and email newsletters in Greenburgh as possible. If you have a news source that is not yet included (such as an email newsletter to your neighborhood), please contact, and we will add it.

Lucas for Town Supervisor 2019